The Whaley Family | Huntsville Alabama Family Portrait Photography

I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph the Whaleys. My family started attending Summit Crossing Community Church where Paul is a teaching pastor, soon after my father passed away. God used both Paul and Brandi to help me in the healing process. Then, I had the good fortune to work in the nursery when their youngest started crawling and I enjoyed every Sunday with that sweet boy. I couldn’t wait to join their family for an afternoon and try to reflect the amazing light that shines through each one of them. When you are with the Whaleys it is like being at a family reunion and running into those awesome cousins you hoped would be there. They give great big hugs, make you feel loved and make you laugh all with in minutes of being in their presence. There is an ease in their family that makes you feel at home. The most striking quality about the Whaleys is how well they love one another and how that translates to kindness and respect for others. It is my great hope that these photos capture even an ounce of that love that always points back to Jesus.

whaley Whaley2 whaley3

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